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24 days have one Russia again drunk wine man is performed " skyjacking " farce
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Russia home line produces skyjacking farce on a plane 24 days, a man claims skyjacking, but confirming later is drunk wine make trouble. This is the farce of skyjacking of man of drunk wine of the 2nd Russia that performs this month.

Send telecommunications company according to Russia international article, this plane alled alone from Russian seaside city the agree takes off that day, fly to capital Moscow, the passenger on machine is Russia citizen completely.

Report, in plane flight route, a male passenger rises suddenly, allege the plane already was hijacked, requirement change its course flies to Vienna. The situation appears brief disorder, but get very quickly controlling, plane safety descends in division of exert of Muscovite bend over fertile airport (Moscow Vnukovo Airport) .

Report, this man looks drunk, confederative security bureau has intervened investigation.

15 days, a man of Russia book drunk wine is in Turkey airline (Turkish Airlines) there is bomb on the fit on a plane, allege should hijack a plane, but aircrew personMember subdue its very quickly with the passenger.