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The passenger cannot hold airline ticket to board the plane directly and deal wi
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Had taken the train the person of sleeper knows, steward can let a passenger trade the vehicle on ability of good sleeper card in railroad car doorway, this is helpful for train management, also went to the lavatory passenger. The plane boards the plane although formalities has similar action, but more than and such. The passenger deals with seize the opportunity the consideration that formalities basically has the following sides:

1 , be helpful for safety. Effective certificate waits to exchange boarding check by effective passenger ticket and Id before the passenger boards the plane, make the staff member decides passenger capacity, prevent imposture.

2, be helpful for convenient passenger. Deal with board the plane when formalities, the baggage that passenger place area wants to make use carries baggage channel by staff member emplane, reduced passenger burden. And the position that boarding check makes the passenger knew him aboard.

3, be helpful for improving efficiency, shorten the valuable time that the plane awaits in the airport. Imagine, if the passenger is carrying size baggage, hold airline ticket to board the plane directly, its speed and management inevitable very slow and confused, big boot is wrapped also nowhere is put. Greatly the function that deleterious plane regards modern vehicle as.

4, be helpful for statistical passenger amount, prevent by accident machine, the identity that is helpful for clear passenger (when need) be helpful for airplane unit staff arranging passenger seat and trip, the most important is, seize the opportunity through dealing with formalities, can make carring capacity balances a branch to board the plane clearly passenger number and weight, baggage number and weight, with coordinate and controlling the business carring capacity of this airliner.