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Take a plane board the plane flow
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Flow project (press order) Place Relevant point Buy orgnaization of ticket of airline ticket carry out to buy ticket, return a ticket regulation, buy a ticket to produce identity document actively please, leave contact way, check airline ticket content, custodial very your airline ticket is dealt with board the plane bar of formalities value opportunity is exchanged boarding check and consign baggage, even more, before ensuring in the airliner the regulation leaves station time 30 minutes deal with relevant formalities to buy the airport to build cost and safe and relevant bar to rose on September 1, 2004, airport construction cost already was changed impose kind, expanded to collect limits, follow airline ticket to sell at the same time, Buying insurance is inspection of voluntary action safety the passageway that install check ensures the things that carries is not violated cooperate an examination compasses, actively, do not open the fun about safety, affirm to An Jianzhang is built to wait to board the plane on boarding check Hou unit room notices, not leave without say goodbye, do not leave the fun about safety, do not take away the equipment such as the airjacket on machine arrive, the article that carries from check the amount of plane destination airport