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Shenyang - Shenzhen
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Headline news: Return cheap special offer airline ticket than the train ticket
City setting out: Shenyang
Reach a city: Shenzhen
Newest special offer: 1140 (is one-way, do not contain tax)
Original price: 2280
Discount rate: Lowermost discount
Right business door service is voting

Period of efficacy comes: 2008-12-31
Ticket Wu business: Wu of Shenzhen passage bill
Order ticket phone: 0755-82600677(20 line)
Release a person: Miss Zhang
Mailing address: Zhang5202008@yahoo.com.cn

Handclasp, forever friend! ! ! Wu of range aviation ticket–Airline ticket of domestic international special offer 3 tuck up, era orders public house of countrywide special offer! !

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